Care Ministry

CARE MINISTRY –  We will be reaching out to our sick members and friends with cards, meals, visits and phone calls. We continue to live out our faith every day through acts of loving service. We’re active in our communities, reaching out to neighbors in need.   If you would like to let us know of a “need”, tell one of our committee members.  They are Harriett, Bonnie, Pat, Janet, Jen and Jerri.  

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Giving Online

Through Giving We Reach Our Community

  • We Grow Deeper in Our Faith
  • We Fulfill Our Mission
  • Spread the Gospel
  • We Fight the Darkness
  • We Feed the Hungry
  • We Clothe the Needy
  • We Embrace the Lost
  • We Heal the Broken
  • We Grow Deeper in Our Faith
  • We Worship Our Creator
  • We Glorify Our King
  • We Strengthen Our Faith
  • We Recognize the One Who Gave Us Everything
  • With Hearts Full of Joy Let Us Show Our Love & Proclaim His Praises






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Hunger is a real but often hidden problem in our community. More and more people are seeking help from food banks, shelters and emergency kitchens due to loss of employment, reduction in work hours, rising food costs and/or elimination of benefits. The USDA reports that in the United States more than 36.2 million people, including 12.4 million children live in “food insecure” households – meaning they don’t have dependable, consistent access to adequate amounts of nutritious foods to maintain good health.  For the past several years, we have maintained a small emergency food pantry that operated out of the church. Listed below are suggestions for our food closet.


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