The A Future with Hope Mission Fund Campaign that was approved duringthe 2013 Annual Conference to raise $12 million for global, regional and local mission projects has been launched, and in some instances, completed by congregations across the Greater NJ Conference.  

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As of April 30, 2014

  • $3.6m committed toward the campaign (30% of the goal)
  • 86% of active pastors pledge toward the campaign
  • 39 families have returned to a home restored by A Future with Hope Inc.
Why Are We Raising Funds for Sandy, Imagine No Malaria and Local Mission?

Why are we conducting this campaign? Because people need us more than ever right now. There are tens of thousands of people who still are not in their homes or are living on the second floor waiting for help to repair their ground floor. There are children dying of malaria, a deadly disease that once took the lives of thousands of US citizens. Just as we have eliminated death by malaria in the US, we can do this in Africa as well. Since United Methodists have been working to end this disease, the death of children has gone from one every 30 seconds to one every 60 seconds. United Methodists, working with people around the world, will end death by malaria. Lastly, your congregation’s engagement in mission not only helps people, but it also strengthens the witness of Christ through your congregation. We want to grow vital congregations through mission in our communities.

*UMNS photos by Mike DuBose